"Not long to go now. Nervous?"
"Nervous? No. Impatient. Euphoric, even. I've been waiting for this moment for thirty years."
“But... Aren’t you worried that all that waiting will have been for nothing?“
“Not at all. It doesn’t matter what happens...“
“...we’ll have changed things anyway.“
Sir. We're finished. It's done.
Excellent! Get it ready for shipping. Our part is over...
“...Now it’s up to the guys.“
...Where is it??
Qualifying sessions are about to start and we still don't have a car.
So you’ve said, brother. Be patient and stop complaining.
Stop it both of you...
...It's here.
Are we sure it's the right car? It doesn't look so special to me.
Come on,
Ni-nice to meet you too... S.A.N.D.I.
You don’t look so good either, pal.
Vasco and Nicky, it’s nice to meet you. You can call me S.A.N.D.I.
Looks like someone’s missing a charm chip...
Guys!... Quit squabbling...
Sorry. I’m programmed to win, not to make you happy.
“...they’re waiting for us on the track.“
All systems online.
Max? S.A.N.D.I.?
Just a second...
Systems: online.
VR feed: stable.
Let’s go!
Hey clunker, you know which way to go, right?
Very funny. Remind me, what’s your role in the team?
Hello everyone! Welcome to the new season of the Formula Warp championship!
The qualifying sessions have just begun, but we can already say that tomorrow’s race could have some surprises in store.
Legacy Racing's car is making its world début, but the projections are already showing some very exciting times.“
“Even though it's a rookie team, Legacy is already the talk of the town, especially as it's shrouded in mystery.“
“Very true! The racing stable is funded and run by an unknown patron, who prefers to remain anonymous and we don’t know much about the team members, either... only that this is their first experience in Formula Warp.“
“...one thing for sure, their car is doing great! Look at it go!“
Watch out, clunker. You’ve got the Miskasonic on your tail.
Don’t you know you shouldn’t talk to the driver?
Are you seeing this? That car is thrashing us.
It’s just a test run.
Rather, did you find out who's behind them?
Not yet, but I'm not giving up.
Let's see what makes you so special...
Legacy Racing is making quite an entrance!
You can say that again! No one has done this section in under a minute before!
“Hang on to your Pods VIS.USERS! We are in for a brilliant season!“
“Almost there, S.A.N.D.I. You're doing great!“
“Best Lap!“
Legacy Racing will start tomorrow's race from Pole Position! What a way to début!
A textbook run!
That was insane!!
Pole position! We're in pole position!
Of course we are, what did you expect?


“I told you. I’m programmed to win. I’m a sentient synthetic intelligence in the most advanced racing car ever.“
Hey, clunker...
I’ve already simulated the entire season. Thousands of times. We’ve got this sewn up, relax.
...I don’t care who programmed you or how cutting-edge you are, races are not won with simulations.
Races are won on the track. Together. As a team!
... Nice speech, really. I’ll think about it.
“... Maybe tomorrow. After I've crossed the finish line.“

To be continued...

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