I don't believe this, dammit! I DON'T BELIEVE THIS!!
What do I have to do to get rid of those clowns??
Now I've really had it.
"Legacy's unexpected pit-stop has left the field open for Miskasonic..."
"...that has managed to widen the gap with the rest of the cars. Victory seems all but certain..."
"...but personally I would hold off on the party. If there's one thing Legacy has taught us in the course of the season..."
"...is that these guys just don't give up..."
Come on, clunker... let's put on a show.
Don't do anything stupid, Max...
That fool will end up getting killed.
If you thought the season was done with the surprises... you were dead wrong, VIS.USERS!
Max McIntire is back at the wheel of Legacy's car and is rapidly rising through the ranks!
I... I'm speechless.
Considering the extent of his injuries...
“...I don't even know how he can manage to drive.“
"Max, you have to come in!"
Not a chance! We can still win!
"You blockhead, would you listen to me?"
Your vitals are going nuts! You're about to collapse!
It's not worth it, man. Listen to your sister...
I can do it... only a few laps left...
"Hold on, Max! We're almost there!"
"McIntire is doing the impossible! Legacy is back in second place, on Miskasonic's tail!"
That's enough! Let's dump these dummies!
"The cars are bumping fenders again! Whatever it takes, Miskasonic is not about let its rival pass."
"It's an all-out fight between the two contendents! Miskasonic's defense tactics are almost vicious..."
...I don't even want to think about what McIntire is going through in that cockpit.
"The cars are reaching Charon's Passage, the most dangerous section of Caldera Island's circuit: a spectacular bridge suspended on a river of magma."
Max! How are you holding up?
The corridor is too narrow for two cars side by side...
I- It's okay, baby wheels... i'm good...
"Whoever takes the bridge first will gain the lead and will have the chance to hold its position to the finish line..."
"...a chance that neither one is willing to concede!"
"MAX!! How are you??"
"Hang on, Max, almost there..."
I... it's ... ok...
He can't go on like this..
Come on, brother, hang in there...
Let's see how they get out of this...
"Only a few yards to the bottleneck! If it wants to avoid a crash, Legacy must go all-in!"
"Dammit, S.A.N.D.I., do something!!"
I'm trying!
Come on, come on, come on...
"Oh, god, Max!"
"Max! Can you hear me??"
"Max!! Say something, man!!"
"S.A.N.D.I.!! Pass those bastards or let them through, but get out of there!!!"
...Got it. Here goes nothing.
U- unbelievable...
What... what happened? Did we win?
Welcome back. Not yet...
"The overtake we just saw is... was... I'm at a loss for words, VIS.USERS..."
...but I'm working on it.
Ok, then... desperate measures it is...
What... what the hell is wrong with those nutjobs'?
...oh my god...
M- Miskasonic just rammed into Legacy's car...
This behaviour is absolutely unacceptable...
"...given the circumstances, even if they won, I'm sure Miskasonic would be disqualified."
Max! I can't get off!!
Those cowards will get us killed.
"Dear VIS.USERS... this exciting race may be about to become one of the most despicable episodes in the history of Formula Warp..."
Max, we have to break off! The straight is about to end!
"Miskasonic's actions go way beyond a simple sporting rivalry..."
...not yet...
"McIntire manages to free his car with a masterful use of opposite lock and gas. Legacy is back on track!"
"...while Miskasonic's finishes its race against the volcano's rocky walls!"
"Legacy barrels undisturbed towards the finish line!"
That's my man!
There are still a few laps left to the end of the race, VIS.USERS, but I feel like we might as well say it:...
...Max McIntire and Legacy Racing are the new Formula Warp world champions!
I promised you an explanation, kid...
...and a promise is a promise.
L-Lucas Hoth???
You... you were behind Legacy all along?? But... why? Why us? Why the secrecy??
S.A.N.D.I.'s purpose has always been to team up and form a bond with a human driver. To learn, to collaborate. Not to replace. You had to see for yourselves to really understand.
Go back to celebrate with your team now... Just remember: you have done much more than winning a trophy...
...you've given this sport a heart.
You'll do great things, guys. It's been nice watching you race...
"...you reminded me what it feels like to be a champion."

The end!

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