Nicky... he's coming out.
Doctor! How is he?? Can we see him??
You can go in, but just for a few minutes. He's just woken up and he's still very weak.
Mister Monroe? Sorry to intrude. Do you have a minute?
Oh my god...
Hey, little sister.
How... how are you?
I'm doing great, see? Served and revered.
You, on the other hand... why the long face?
Idiot... you scared us to death.
Look at you... We leave you alone for a minute and you end up in the hospital.
I know. That's why I'm here.
Thanks, man. I can always count on you to cheer me up.
Think about getting better, now. Even S.A.N.D.I. says the box is not the same without you. Did you know she was the one to call for help?
Oh, great. Now I'm in debt with the clunker, too. Any more good news?
How... how did the operation go, doctor?
Good, all things considered. We reconstructed the left collarbone, humerus, radius and ulna and realigned the fractured ribs. Rest assured, there won't be any permanent damage...
"...but recovery will be long and difficult. And he will definitely have to forget about racing for a good while. I'm sorry."
They're here!
Pierre Kassewitz, WARP TV. Max McIntire's accident has definitely turned the tables. What do you think will happen in tomorrow's race?
A comment, please!
We are close to the Legacy team in this difficult moment, but a competition is a competition... We will fight to win, just like any other time...
Whatever happens, Max has been a formidable adversary throughout the season...
...and we will dedicate our victory and the championship title to him and his team!
...bastards! if only I could get my hands on them...
Come on, let's go... it's not worth it.
Earlier, at the hospital...
...two dudes from circuit management stopped me to talk.
...and what did they want?
They checked the security system's logs. It seems the drone's programming has been tampered with..
Wait.. WHAT?!
Those two Miskasonic creeps... they did this, I could bet on it!
Can you break into the system without being found out? Maybe they left a trace or something.
I- I could, but would take time...
Forget it! If it really was them, we'll make'em pay on the track, by winning the title!
"Welcome to the championship final, VIS.USERS! Hold on to your PODs and enjoy the race: the champion will be decided here, today!"
"By conquering a pole placement in quali, Miskasonic has laid the foundations to retain the title of world champions."
"If Legacy wants to hold some hope of winning, they will have to give their all..."
"...especially after the injury that has forced Legacy driver Max McIntire to follow the race from the box."
Come on, baby wheels... you can do it. Remember what we talked about: when in doubt, do what I would do.
Very good advice, considering you should be in a hospital bed...
Yeah, ok, let's not focus on the details. S.A.N.D.I. knows what I mean.
Of course I do. Floor it, disregard safety...
...and exploit every opening.
Not so fast, noobs.
Beautiful overtake by Legacy, that gains the lead after only two la..
"Wait a minute! Miskasonic just rear-ended Legacy!"
"A surprising move, as well as a blatantly irregular one. I wouldn't be surprised if Miskasonic ended up suffering some kind of penalty."
"Legacy loses control and the lead..."
"...but somehow manages to remain on track. The duel begins anew!"
"What the hell happened??"
Our adversaries just reminded us they have no problem playing dirty.
"How kind of them..."
Let's get rid of them, S.A.N.D.I..
On it!
Despite the slowdown Legacy is once again on the attack...
...and seems intentioned to attempt to overtake at the first opportunity.
Meanwhile the cars are approaching one of Caldera Island Circuit's most spectacular turns!
Once we go into the turn I won't have any more chances to overtake until the next straight. Let me try now!
It's what they expect. Trust me, S.A.N.D.I.. I have a plan.
"Caldera Island's Parabolic is another of this season's additions; the cars will take it at full speed, zipping through vulcanic rocks and magma fountains..."
...An exhilarating experience to try firsthand, thanks to your VIS.IO headset!
Get ready. Stay on them until the turn's apex, then dive on the inside and pass them.
What?? It's crazy! At this speed I'll lose control!
"You can do it, trust me!
We're almost there!"
I'm going too fast, Max. It's suicide!
"Stop hesitating! It will work!"
"Now! Go, go, go!"
"Legacy attempts an incredibly daring overtake. During the course of the season McIntire has gotten us used to seeing gambles such as this..."
"...but this time the trick has backfired! Legacy Racing's car has lost control and is spinning towards the edge of the track! "
"The impact against the jersey is teeth-grinding! This could mean the end of the dream for Legacy..."
Dammit! S.A.N.D.I.!
But... wait...
Amazing! Against all expectations...
"...Legacy has managed to get back on the track! This race is not over yet!"
I told you! I TOLD you!!
S.A.N.D.I., I'm sorry, I...
Legacy has launched into a frenzied comeback! It's passing the other cars like they weren't even there... Even at the end of the season, this team still manages to leave us with our mouth agape!
"Come on, S.A.N.D.I...."'s no use, she's not responding.
Wait... what the...?!
"...why is she coming back to the box??"
Get up!
Listen, S.A.N.D.I.... I'm s...
Shut up. I don't want your apologies and I don't need your advice. As it is we are useless....
"...there's only one way for us to win this title."
"We have to do it together. On the track."

To be continued...

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