“ ... once again an adrenaline-filled race ending! Legacy and Miskasonic are battling it out to the last inch!”
“Don’t let’em through, Max!“
“You’re giving them too much room!"
Would you shut up and let me dr...
“Miskasonic steals
the first place from Legacy with a millimetric victory!“
A trend, already becoming apparent at the very start of the season, has continued until now, only a few days from the last race of the championship...
“... in the form of a very distinct separation in the ranking makeup, with two dominating teams alternating in the lead and a motley group of pursuers on the chase, unable to close the gap.”
“Two contenders literally poles apart, both sportingly and philosophically.”
“On one side Team Miskasonic,
the reigning champions,
courted by sponsors,
rulers of the past seasons...”
“...on the other, making their debut, Legacy Racing, the only team
in the history of Formula Warp to race with a human driver!“
Legacy’s actions brought to light a loophole in the race rulebook that many other teams inevitably tried to exploit, in the attempt of gaining a decisive advantage.
While some, such as Miskasonic, doubled their effort into making their autonomous driving systems even more adaptable and versatil...
“... other teams switched to remote driving systems, heavily based on VIS.IO VR technology.”
“Others still, instead, followed Legacy’s example more literally, going as far as drastically modifying their car to make room for an improvised driver seat.”
“Unquestionably a reckless and inconsiderate choice...”
Guys, I’m losing control! I can’t...
“...that brought inevitable and tragic consequences.”
“After a two week suspension, the championship was back in full swing, with Miskasonic once again leading the race.“
And this takes us to today... on the eve of the final race of a historic season.
The last race
of the championship will decide everything: the winner will conquer the title of Formula Warp world champion!
Who will come out on top between Legacy Racing and Miskasonic? Don’t make any plans, VIS.USERS! The date is two days from now, here on WARP TV...
...for the grand finale of the most followed Formula Warp season
of all t...
To hell with the TV!
And to hell with Legacy, too! We can’t afford to lose the title. Not after all the promises we made to the boss and the sponsors!
Relax. We’re not going to lose... I’m making sure of it.
Caldera Island, 40 hours to the final.
What are you doing out here? Come on, come back in.
Sorry. I was decompressing.
...I need to stay focused.
You also need some sleep. It’s way past midnight.
We’re done, S.A.N.D.I.. This was the last diagnostic.
You two go ahead. I’ll be back in a bit.
What? You’re staying?
Yes. I want to go over the circuit with S.A.N.D.I once more. On track we’ll have to be perfect.
Don’t worry, guys. We’ll make it quick.
Hmm... OK. See you tomorrow, then.
Bye, Max. Don’t stay up all night.
I promise. See you later.
We are so close...
Only one race left...
What the...

To be continued...

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