A week ago.
...there's no way I'm not telling Vasco and Nicky. We're a team. A team has no secrets.
Well, this one does. But not for long, it's a promise. I'm just asking you to trust me.
With all due respect, trusting you would be much easier if you'd at least show your face to the people that work for you.
It's one more thing you'll have to trust me on, and, frankly, I'm getting tired of having to justify myself to a kid. I'm giving you a once-in-a-lifetime chance to make your dream come true. Are you going to take it or not?
...how long will I have to keep the secret?
Don't worry about that. When the time comes, you'll know.
I hope you know what you're doing.
Of course I do. I'm improvising.
“What we're seeing is utterly incredible. “
“Our editorial staff is already going over the rulebook; if the basis for disqualification was found...”
...it could mean the end of the championship for Legacy. The events unfolding are simply unprecedented.
At least in the last 25 years. For the first time in the history of Formula Warp...
...there's a human driver behind the wheel!!
Come on, baby wheels. You don't want to end up last in your first race, do you?
What I want is an ejectable seat.
What on earth is he doing?? Is he trying to get us expelled??
Did you know anything about this?
Not at all. And stop kicking the equipment...
“...the car-lift has nothing to do with my brother being an idiot.”
I heard that, Nicky! Your intercom is on.
“Oh, I know it is. Do you mind telling us just what the hell are you up to?”
“You're right, little sister. I'll explain everything, I promise.”
“I want to point out I didn't agree to any of this.”
Are you sure you're not programmed to complain? Try to focus on the plus side... for one thing, we're still in the race.
Let's just say I'm not really confortable being controlled by someone else.
I can give you that. Just second me, for now.
We'll talk about it once the race is over.
“Legacy is putting up a show. Our real time data show that more than 85% of VIS.USERS is tuned on the car's feed.”
McIntire is set on regaining each second he can... he's almost reached the back of the field. We'll see how he fares against the other cars.
It will be no small feat. These races require lightning-fast reaction times and absolute precision. Formula Warp is not a sport for human beings.
We just received word that an official WMF committee has been established to assess possible measures to be taken against Legacy Racing.
Honestly I think the real question is... why has Legacy Racing equipped its car with an analog driving system?
We should ask the team owner... if only we knew who they were. At the moment...
"... we can only follow McIntire's comeback."
If he makes it out of the race alive, I swear I'll kill him myself.
Knock it off. I dug into the WMF's rulebook... every car must be equipped with an autonomous driving system...
...but the requirement does not explicitly exclude a flesh-and-bone driver.
...basically we're legal thanks to a loophole. Our mysterious boss has done their homework very well.
...so we're not disqualified?!
The final decision is up to the committee... but, at least on paper, the rules are on our side.
Ok, I won't kill him, then... but I'll still beat him up for keeping us in the dark.
Get in line.
Not to reiterate my skepticism, but if we take the next turn at this speed, we're almost certain to crash. Every simulation I've run...
...tell me later, will ya? I'm a little taken right now.
Later when? If you keep driving this way there won't be a "later".
Thanks for the encouragement.
Legacy has reached the backmarkers, right when the they are about to face The Narrows, one of the track's most demanding turns.
McIntire is not slowing down. Coming in fast would allow him to reclaim precious metres and attempt to overtake. It's a good idea, in theory... In practice it's madness.
What's he doing? Brake!
No way!
“With a maneuver in equal parts brilliant and brash, McIntire has literally blown past the two cars in front of him.”
“The Legacy driver is taking back position after position and looks all but set to regain the lead.”
So? How am I doing?
You drive like a lunatic.
“I agree. But it's working. You're almost up to the top three...”
“...just try not to crash right now.”
That's the plan, sis.
Ten minutes ago he was last, now he's fourth. ...who is this guy??
An unknown variable, that's what he is! The algorithm can't predict his moves. ...I'm increasing aggressiveness by 25% and lowering the risk threshold by 15%. I hope it's enough!
Legacy's rampant comeback continues. Now only Miskasonic remains, keeping away McIntire from obtaining a victory nothing less than historic.
Do something! He's onto us!
I'm trying, dammit! All the values are maxed out!!
You're almost there! Almost there!
Come on, you dork! Don't mess it up now!
One last effort, baby wheels!
McIntire seals a win for the ages! A few seconds ago a WMF spokesperson has officially made public the committee decision: Legacy Racing has not violated the rules and, will not be disqualified.
The cherry on the cake for a GP full of twists and surprises.
Don't ever pull another stunt like this, understood? Ever! We're a team. No more secrets.
No more. I promise.
You better. Now give me a hug, you reckless fool!
...beaten by a kid! what are we gonna tell the boss?
The truth: they caught us by surprise... but it won't happen again. We'll be ready for anything .
You've been quiet for an hour... what's up? Something wrong with your speech synthesis?
It's hard to admit, but you've done good, today. I... I don't know what happened to me.
We'll talk about today and the future with the team... but later. For now...
...let's all enjoy some glory.

To be continued...

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