“Dear viewers, I hope you have your snacks ready.“
“Even up here from our booth, the tension is palpable. The starting grid is set, the teams are in position.“
“So put on your VIS.IO and choose your point of view...“
“...the race is about to begin!“
...and they're off! The 2095 Formula Warp season has officially started ...and what a start!
the championship has never been as full of exciting elements as this year... one above all: Legacy Racing's car, starting their first-ever race in pole position!
“Quali sessions have definitely shown that the new team has what it takes to go far...“
“...and, only a few laps in, it's already battling it out in a head-to-head with last year's champions, MIskasonic.“
“We're approaching the first dip in the track, another of this season's additions.“
“That's right, Mark! Formula Warp is celebrating its 25th anniversary and the World Motorsport Federation has spared no expense, redesigning and improving almost all of the championship's circuits...“
“...making them even more spectacular and...“
Hold on! First crash of the season! Someone's race is already over...!“
“Meanwhile, at the head of the race, the duel is still on. Miskasonic is looking for an opening, but Legacy has no intention to yield...“
“Sparks are flying! The two cars tussle and brush against each other, but Legacy keeps its lead. No cigar for Miskasonic. What a race!“
“Turn 5! We're almost at the straight... If Miskasonic wants to overtake, this is their best chance to try.“
S.A.N.D.I. is incredible... if she keeps it up, we might actually win this.
Yeah, well, let's not get our hopes up just yet. The finish line is still far away, and those are some tough adversaries...
Who the heck are those rookies? They're killing us.
Relax. It's a long race. Let's see what happens, for now.
“...we're almost at the halfway point, and there has been no significant change in the race progression. Legacy is still ahead, with Miskasonic hot on its tail! The cars in the lead are coming up to the backmarkers.“
Heads up, clunker. Now we also have these guys to lap. Stay focused.
I'm an artificial intelligence, Max. I don't get distracted. I've already worked out every potential scenario.
This isn't one of your simulations, dammit! Races...
...are won on the track, I know. You've said that, already.
It's what I'm doing, in case you haven't noticed.
“S.A.N.D.I.! Can you hear me?? “
“I can’t see anything! S.A.N.D.I.!!
...what the hell just happened!?
I... I have no idea... everything's crashed. I'm out of the system.
...what did I tell you? So long, noobs.
What a turn of events! Another accident, this time involving the race leader.
Even though it managed to avoid the crash, Legacy Racing's car seem to have somehow incapacitated itself. Miskasonic takes over the lead!
"It's a totally unexpected development, especially given Legacy's performance during the first half of the race... could it be a technical issue?"
So? Have you found the problem??
I don't get it... The driving system has gone haywire. Nothing is responding...
“At first glance the car doesn't look damaged, but it's not making any move to get back into the race, either...”
"It's a real shame. This could be the premature end of a record debut..."
Estimating damages...
Scanning systems...
What the hell have you done, you jalopy? Can you hear me?
I... I didn't react fast enough... I don't understand... I predicted everything...
...except the unpredictable. I told you: a real race is not a simulation.
"Wait a minute... Max McIntire, from team Legacy, is walking to the car."
"This is extremely unusual. A human team member leaving the box and venturing onto the track is literally unheard of... I wonder what his intentions are."
Stop with the catchphrases, already! You don't know what you're talking about. I am INCAPABLE of making mistakes.
I'm programmed to anticipate, to predict... to be one step ahead of everyone else all of the time...
...I was made to WIN!
Well... maybe you weren't made to win on your own...
Make room...
...we have a finish line to cross.

To be continued...

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