Jager is still on the lead, making incredible times, but Hoth is still on his tail!
The new season has already been taken over by the two best drivers in Formula New. No one else seems to be able to keep up with them.
The cars are approaching the minor islands. Hoth is looking for an in...
Good try, but there is no room for overtaking here and Jager knows it all too well. He’s even slowed down a little to save the tires!
Jager closed him off without effort. Hoth remains behind. There will definitely be other chances...
Meanwhile in the rear...
Fernandes is approaching the fourth position and is ready to attack!
Come on, Miri, get on it!
Don’t give up! Don’t give up!
“She passed! Fernandes is giving us a wonderful performance! From last to fourth... and it’s not over yet!”
She’s taking back everything she had compromised with that rash move in qualifying!
The first round of pit-stops is about to start. Who knows what’s in store?
Fourth place! Who would have thought?
Not bad, not bad. And now, with the pit-stops coming, she could advance even more!
“Fernandes takes advantage of the free track… she’s now third!”
“She’s having a great race, but she still has to stop!”
You can’t go on much longer, Miri. You have to stop, or we will trash this race as well.
Don’t worry, I’ve got it under control.
Fernandes is in the pit. Will she be able to keep that third place?
He has no way to pass...
I’m not feeling this race at all...
Come on, Jim, let’s give them a lesson. Let’s show them last year was a fluke... We’ll take back the championship, starting from today!
“Jager and Hoth are already far. Who’s gonna take third place”
Come on, come on!
If Fernandes doesn’t make a quick exit, Golden Tyres will take the third position!
Yes! She made it! ...We’re third!
Fernandes is really fired up! I told you this could be her year...
Well, she’s only third...
If she keeps this pace, anything is possible!
Now I understand why you’re so gloomy. You’re thinking about Fernandes, aren’t you?
She’s running really fast...
That girl is almost on us, dammit!
No time for being reckless, Miri. Slow down and secure that third place!
No! Getting on the podium is a good result, but I can do much more!
Only a few laps left, and the race seems decided... Jager is driving towards victory!
Don’t be so sure. I expect Hoth to attack at least once before the end!
“And here he is trying to overtake. Whoever comes out of that corner in the lead, will win the first GP of the season”
“These are going to be some very long seconds... the straight is so long, it seems almost infinite...”
I’m about to beat you again, Jim!
If you think you can take me now, think again, Lucas!
He can still make it...
He won’t make it!
Now, Miri!
Now or never, Alvaro!
“Fernandes is approaching the two race leaders and is trying to slip between them... but there doesn’t seem to be any room!”
Amazing! She’s done it! She passed them both by mere millimeters!
What a twist... we were all taken by Jager and Hoth...
“But the Lagoon City race goes to Miri Fernandes!”
I told you, Doc, she was too fast.
We’ll have to keep an eye on her. She might turn out to be a tough cookie.
Dammit, we were so close...
Miri! That was a masterpiece!
Just like at the Ruins of Giants!
Even better... This race will be talked about for years!
I’ve missed you, Alvaro!
Me too, little sister!
You were amazing. Congratulations.
I’ve been unfair to you.
Don’t worry. You had your reasons.
Hooray for Miri!
Jim, what happened at the end?
Lucas, a comment.
Happy about second place... or is it a wasted chance?
It was a difficult race. I could have done more, of course, but...
Hey... it’s Miri!
A comment!
Miri! What a race!
Thank you all, really...
…but I have an exclusive with June O’Donnell that I intend to honor!
What are you talking about?
What? Now that I’ve won you don’t want to interview me anymore?
Are you kidding? Of course, I do! But this story about the exclusive...
Did you see their faces?
We’ll drive them crazy, the two of us. You see, June, this...
…is just the beginning of a great season!

The end!

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