It doesn’t feel right. Accidents can happen to anybody.
Right or wrong, it doesn’t matter...
... What matters is the result.
But how can you win starting from the last place? It’s impossible.
Unlikely, for sure...
... but I’ll try 'till the last corner.
The truth is that they’re men, and they can’t stand a woman being faster than them.
Maybe. But at the moment I’m too slow to be much of a nuisance to them...
Speaking of men...
You’re here, finally... Come in!
Hey June... Miri... Long time no see, huh? How are you?
But... How... Where...
Believe me, finding him was easy... Convincing him to come here, instead... well, that took me a lot longer.
Well, I guess you have much to talk about; I’ll leave you to it. Later, guys!
How are you?
Not bad. You?
I’ve been better.
From what I can remember, you’ve always been this way... tense, ready to snap like the string on a bow!
Actually, I really should go... Not that I didn’t like seeing you, but, you know...
Of course, are you kidding? You have a race. I’ll go... but, listen...
It was really lovely to see you again. Good luck for the race, and don’t give up... remember the RUINS OF GIANTS!
Come on, you don’t remember? It was around five years ago, in Formula Young. What a race! You went from last to first! The other drivers couldn’t believe it, that’s how surprised they were.
I remember the race very well, but... then... you’ve been following me?
... I was too proud to talk to you, but it’s the truth… Then I met June, and she insisted a lot. She said you told her about me!
Damn Blockhead!
We’re Fernandes, we’re built this way.
Listen, I know you’re in a hurry and all that, but I’ve got some ideas on the race that I’d like to share with you...
Shoot. But try to be quick!
It’ll take a second.
I’ve raced here before when it still wasn’t a Formula New circuit...
... I finished third, one of the few times in my life when I managed to get to the podium.
And do you know how I did that?
Once on the straight, I thought about you. What would my crazy little sister do, here?
I’m glad I helped you... but, in all honesty, I’m not sure I understand your advice...
“I’m getting there, just give me a second. You’ve still got a few minutes…”
They were in pole last year as well, but...
I don’t know. I have a bad feeling about this race.
This time it’s different, believe me...
This time we’ll get them, no doubts about it. We’re faster and more determined.
Let’s try to save what we can…
The race has yet to start.
For the others. For us, it’s probably already over...
“Unlike Forgotten Park, this time Jager has managed to keep the lead from Hoth!”
“Yes, Frank, he’s cut him off brilliantly.”
“But this track offers lots of overtaking possibilities, anything can still happen.”
“Meanwhile, in the back of the field, Miri Fernandes has just made a beautiful overtake!”
Yes! That’s the spirit!
...Let’s go back to the front. Jager has already gained a second on Hoth. He’s doing great. Losing the championship last season must have given him a new drive...
Hard to argue with that. Jim has already put his name on the fastest lap in the history of Lagoon City. I’m curious to see Lucas’ response.
Hoth is not doing bad either, but Jager’s time is unbeatable... Wait, scratch that...
“Fernandes just broke the record by a full second!”
Forget the car. Miri is finally driving like she’s supposed to... That girl will drive us all crazy!
Finally, the car is balanced. If only we managed to do it yesterday!
First withdrawal! Trap Schultz abandons the race due to engine failure.
“Good news for Fernandes, that gains another position… Now she has the track to herself and, at this pace, she’ll be able to get closer to the front”
Yes, yes... step on the gas!
It’ll be like at the Ruins of Giants, Alvaro... I promise!

To be continued...

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