Good luck, Miri!
The two champions are done with their quali laps, now it’s on to the others…
So far it’s pole for Jager, second place for Hoth...
Is this year’s season going to be a match race like the last?
I think Fernandes would have something to say about that...
Faster, Miri... faster!
I can’t... if I go any faster I risk losing control!
First stopwatch point for G-RIPPLES... and a slow one, at that...
Well, if this is their pace, Hoth and Jager won’t have much to worry about!
You have to push more... or we won’t make it past fifth row!
I’m doing all I can, but the car is not well balanced!
Stop making excuses! You want to win? Then win!
“Ok, then...”
Wow. Fernandes has really shifted gears. Her second split time is better than what both Hoth and Jager have done.
I told you!
“The last stretch of the track will be decisive.”
She has to slow down. Her back wheels have no stability.
No. There’s only one turn to go, then it’s all straight until the finish line.
The tyres are gone...
“...I can’t control it...”
This is bad news for Fernandes...
This won’t do...
“Fernandes is walking back to the paddock with her head down...”
“Well, of course she is, Frank. She was a step away from pole position!”
Nice going, really really nice! That was a fantastic start, congratulations!
Actually, you told me to go faster...
Exactly, to go faster... not to crash the car against a wall!
Give us a moment, please...
A few years earlier...
There’s no talent, here. Only mediocre drivers.
We’re surrounded by amateurs with no ambition...
Let’s go...
Hold on, wait... not bad...
Who is he?
You know her. Remember Miri, Alvaro Fernandes’ little sister?
That little girl has got an edge. I like her...
I like you, Miri. I’ve always liked you.Ever since I saw you on the track all those years ago...
... in this team, however, nobody likes you.
Never been good with people.
You see, ambition is a double-edged sword. It can take you on top of the world, that’s true... but it’s a lonely place, up there...
In fact, I’d say nobody likes ambitious people, because they can only think of getting to their goal before anyone else.
Do not apologize.I would never have gotten to where I am now without a fierce ambition.
But, see, the problem is not congeniality. Up there, at the top, there’s room for one single winner... And the others...
Well, the others are left behind... Are we clear?
I think so.
Good. Try to win the next race, then... or I will have to leave you behind. I do like ambitious people, but only those who win!
Hey little girl... He really chewed you out, huh?
Mind your own business!
OK, OK. Word of advice, though: Formula New is made up of a lot of people, and everyone of them feels they have the right to speak their mind. And the truth is, there’s no right or wrong: they all have their reasons.
But remember one thing: at the end of the day, on the track, behind the wheel… there’s only you. Never forget that!

To be continued...

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