Nueva Buenos Aires.
Ten years ago.
Yes... first place!!
Sorry, Alvaro...’re just too slow!
I told you, Miri, I can’t go all out against my sweet little sister.
This, again? The truth is you don’t want to admit I’m faster than you!
Miri... you’re not bad, but… faster than a Junior League driver? Let’s be real...!
Whatever… let’s go.
Slow down, the road is too bumpy. I don’t want you to get hurt.
... oh, really?
Come on, Alvaro. Come save your sweet little sister!
No, stop...
Damn block- head!
If you’re as fast as you say, keep up with me!
Did you see that? Can you do the same, big brother?
What the...?
NO! Alvaro!
Y-you dummy!
Here, let me help you...
Forget it... my arm is broken... and I have a race on Sunday...
I’ve already paid the entry fee and the garage rent... Tell me, what am I supposed to do, now?
Alvaro... I...
...maybe I can fix this...
Sunday. Race day.
So... is there any promising youngster that we could use in G-RIPPLES?
Well, we’ve never seen Fernandes race like this.
Today he’s really wild. If he keeps it up...
“...victory will be his.”
Amazing lap time, definitely the track record.
Is he finally showing his talent?
I mean, it didn’t seem like there was much to Fernandes, till now...
Wait, this is a twist... who’s that?
That’s Miri, Alvaro’s sister...
Wow, the girl’s not bad... miles above her brother!
Alvaro... Alvaro!
Alvaro... I won! I did it!
Where are you? ...Alvaro?
From that day on, things between me and my brother were never the same again. Or, rather, they were over...
Making your own path usually entails sacrifices.
I get that. But any sacrifice will amount to nothing without a true victory.
You’ve already won a GP...
That race doesn’t count. Hoth and Jager were both out. I have to beat them while they’re still in play...
...that’s the only way to gain everyone’s respect!
Everyone’s... or your own?
I don’t know and I don’t care. It’s the law of the track. And I’m ok with it.
Ok… let’s take a break, for now...
Yes, I agree... enough talking...
Alvaro, wherever you are, you’ll see...
“...I will win again!”

To be continued...

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