Dammit! Lucas has messed up again!
Wait. It’s not over yet!
Hoth has made his way back on the track, but he’s now well behind...”
“...Jager, on his part, is still on G-RIPPLES’ tail. Will Fernandes be able to resist his attacks as well?”
Damn girl! She threw away our whole race strategy for a couple of laps in first place...
We can’t go on like this... She has to come in right now!
I say she doesn’t!
Sir! We can still at least score some points...
We’re leading. For the second race in a row. It’s unprecedented in our entire history as a team.
“Let me enjoy this as long as I can...”
Miri Fernandes is putting on a show...”
“So far she’s been an unpredictable variable and she’s making this final race even more enjoyable...”
In fact, we haven’t seen a hard-fought race like this in a very long time...
It’s true, and never such a close match between three different drivers...
I’m not like Lucas... I can wait... Sooner or later the right moment will come and I’ll grab first place and the title!
You haven’t beat me, yet...
"Hoth is making up for lost time and is getting closer and closer to the frontrunners..."
“Fernandes’ G-RIPPLES has suddenly lost speed, seemingly due to troubles with one of its wheels...”
Here it is, the right moment!
“As we predicted, her lead didn’t last long... It looks like she’s about to go from hero to zero!“
Get ready Jim, I’m coming to get you!
No! Her tyres are done for...
I knew it… I knew it! Luckily she’s not too far from the pit box… Maybe we can at least try to finish the race!
“Fernandes has reached the paddock, but one of her front wheels seems to be compromised... Let’s hope she hasn’t damaged the rim...”
HOLD ON!... Excuse me for cutting in, Frank, but Hoth has closed in on Jager...”
“He’s attempting a sneak attack on the narrowest turn of the circuit...”
“He passed Jager! What an overtake! That was a masterpiece!”
See you at the finish line, Jim!
Lucas... You’re a genius! Yes!!
Unbelievable... unbelievable!
This championship is mine and there’s nothing you can do to take it away from me, Jim!
“Right now, Hoth seems poised to conquer the title... but from what we’ve seen today, I wouldn’t bet on it, yet!”
“You’re right Frank. Until we see the chequered flag, we can still expect anything!”
As expected Jager is already on Hoth’s rear...
The bookmakers must be going crazy... Any outcome is possible!
“We’re almost on the home stretch, and I must say I’m sorry to see this race end... I think we’d all be happy to enjoy a couple more laps!“
That blockhead is not giving up...
If you think you’ve already won, you’re making a big mistake...
Come on, one lap to go!
Don’t lose focus, Lucas, not now!
Attack him, Jim! What, are you waiting for the race to be over?
“Any turn is potentially decisive...“
“Whoever wins, this has been a treat for us fans!”
Try as you might, you shall not pass!
Don’t give up now...
It’s not over ‘til it’s over!
Jager last attempt is a miss! Hoth is the NEW WORLD CHAMPION!
He’s done it... He’s done it!
No, we’ve done it... Together!
Damn Hoth... You’ve outdone yourself!
Have you seen? Jager gave you a king of greeting...
Jim knows he has done his best, but finally this is my year...
Hey, take it easy, guys...
World Champions! World Champions!
World Champions! World Champions!
Miri, what the hell?! Have you gone mad?
Don’t ever try to go against my orders again!...
I was sure to make it...
Like it or not, there is a hierarchy... I won’t tolerate any more rash actions, are we clear?
This is insane... We could have gotten some points, at least!
He’s kinda right, you know? It was insane... but amazing, too. What a race!
Yeah, well...
You’ve gone head to head with those two. Don’t sell yourself short... you have talent.
If you say so, miss O’Donnell
forget the “miss”... call me June!
o- ok, June...
Something tells me that next year you’ll do even better... In the meantime, why don’t we have a little chat? I’d like to know a bit more about you!

To be continued...

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