Thank you Lucas, but next time you’ll eat my dust!
I seem to recall I was the one about to win the championship...
Who knows, you might have thrown away your chance.
We’ll see about that, Jim!
Well, if they shook hands, I guess we have to do it, too! Good luck!
Same! Thank you, really, it was a grand gesture… But… You do realize you’ve wasted your chance to win the title, right?
Nah, we’ve just given you one more shot… but only to show you fair and square that we’re stronger!
“This has definitely been the most exciting GP of the last years.”
“After Jager’s and Hoth’s forfeit, it’s G-RIPPLES’ turn to take first place.”
Miri Fernandes therefore becomes the first woman to ever win a Formula New race! Amazing!
Fernandes! A comment, please...
Wow... I hadn’t noticed her... Is she good?
She’s not bad, but nothing special. Today was her lucky day… but she better not get used to it.
Hey... Hoth and Jager are coming!
A quick picture, Jager! Just one shot!
What happened to your car, Jager?
Over here, Lucas! What you’ve done is incredible… You’re a true champion!
Miri! ... Wait a minute, I would like to ask you some questions ...
JUNE! Hey, come on... don’t just stand there! Hoth and Jager are about to make a joint statement!
I’m coming, I’m coming...
We’ll lay it all on the track, in the last race. It just feels right.
I’m grateful to Lucas for his sportmanship.
Next time, however, all bets are off.
In Forgotten Park you’ll see a great race, I can guarantee it.
A week later.
Less than a minute to the start. The champion will be decided at the end of this race.
Jager has conquered the pole position, but Hoth is less than a second behind him. We’re expecting a very balanced competition...
“And they’re off!”
Good sprint, Huh, DOC?…
Come on, Lucas, go take that first place!
Hoth has started off slightly better and is hot on Jager’s tail.
He stays on the outside!
Mmm… That turn is extremely narrow! He should be careful...
A textbook overtake, without question… Hoth’s race is off to a great start!
Jager is still on his tail, though…
Those two have already left everyone else behind...
Their laptimes are basically the same. Pitstop strategies will play a decisive role!
“There, Hoth has just entered the box. If Jager wants to keep the title, this is right time to push through...“
Jager is pulverizing every track record… The asphalt burns in his wake!
Let me show you how a world champion drives, Lucas!
It’s still early for a victory cry, Frank… He still has to stop, and he must undercut Hoth for his effort to be worth anything!
All ready for PIT STOP!
“The tension is unbearable, June. The whole season will be decided here and today!”
“Hoth is holding nothing back as well. I have a feeling victory will be a matter of milliseconds...”
If you think you’re going to win this way, Jim, think again!
"AMAZING! Jager is coming back on the track, but Hoth has managed to stay in front of him for a hair's breadth! "
What a wonderful race! And it’s far from over, too… Anything can still happen!
Lucas is giving it his all but if he intends to win, he has to keep pushing no matter what…
“The thing is, the track is not clear… Fernandes’ G-RIPPLES has yet to make a pitstop, and Hoth could be slowed down…”
“I don’t think it will be a problem, Frank… If Fernandes wants to get some points, she will have to stop within the next lap!”
Miri... we’re ready for you!
“Nevermind... Fernandes keeps going!”
“Probably a last-second decision… and a risky one, at that. Her tyres must be almost gone.”
What are you doing? Are you crazy? You’re going to throw the race!
Let me do this… This is my chance!
“Jager and Hoth are bumper to bumper behind Fernandes…“
“This could actually be a welcome development for Jim...“
You have bad luck, Lucas, I’ll give you that… but you wouldn’t have won anyway. Victory is in my destiny!
If you think you can slow me down, girl, you’re dead wrong.
Not so fast!
It’s useless! You won’t be able to hold first position with those tyres, you stubborn kid!
WOW! Fernandes has managed to cut off Hoth! Lucas was forced to go off track to avoid a collision…
It’s a downhill run for Jager, now...

To be continued...

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