"Welcome back! This is June O’Donnell saying good afternoon...”
Time flies, doesn’t it? We have reached the next to last race of the Season. Will it be the decisive one?
Jager seemed unbeatable, but Hoth has climbed back into it. Team Red Racing is this year's revelation...
But all verdicts must wait until the final results. Will Hoth manage to prevail over Jager?
“So far, all we know is that it's been the most exciting battle in recent memory...”
Lucas... What are you doing there? The race is about to start!
We worked so hard to reach this point, you can’t quit now... Champions always conquer their fears!
I... I’m scared... I couldn’t bear to be defeated.
You're right Dean... Give me a moment... Just one more moment... please.
That's the right face, Lucas.
I’ll be the champion you deserve. I’ve got this!
Don’t stop before anything, Jim. You need to finish first... No matter what.
Yes, Mister Stargazer!
"And... they’re off, here we go!"
It's a head to head duel from the start. Jager leads, but Hoth is right behind him!
"An incredible move by Hoth. And now he's leading the race!"
Go, Lucas...
Come on!
No fear!
"It's not over yet! Jager is right back at Hoth's heels...”
Amazing acceleration! And Jager has caught Hoth. What a fabulous race!
You guys will never be able to beat us!
"Incredible! Now smoke is coming out from the rear of Jager's car...”
"... And he’s quickly losing speed...”
This can’t be true!
Unbelievable! Jager has had to stop. A truly unexpected turn of events.
With Jager out, Hoth just needs to place and he’ll be champion!
But... What in the world... This is even more surprising!
"Hoth is pulling over too... he has retired, even though his car seemed to be fine..."
"... Nothing is settled. The title will come down to the final race...”
That was
great! You did the right thing...
Thanks, Dean...
I was wrong about you.
It will be a clash of champions!
You better believe it!

The end!

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