Despite winning the previous Grand Prix, Hoth seems to be struggling today
Jager is dominating.”
“... And he cruises to victory.”
What happened? After the last win, I thought we were on the right track...
This is a difficult circuit...
... And what's more, a champion isn’t built in a day.
Trust me, we’ll come through...
“After Shark Valley, the title seems to be firmly back in Jager's hands. Here in the mountains, he's always been very fast...”
“Despite the cold, the asphalt is burning. Cars are all set to go.”
“The Red Racing mechanics seem to be working on Hoth's vehicle. Could they have something in mind?”
You won one race, Lucas... If you don’t win today, you’re back in the dust, right where he wants you...
I know...
But do you also know that you have a great team?
Then trust us!
“It's the same old story, as Jager races out to an early lead.”
Incredible! The rain has changed everything...”
”Now it's Hoth who's faster. His car definitely appears to be more stable.”
Red Racing took a huge risk by starting with a wet-race set-up, but it's worked out for them!”
See? If we work together, we're unstoppable! Although winning one race is not enough...
That's true, Dean, our goal is the championship...
... And it's time we let everyone know.

To be continued...

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