Lost City... The eerie charm of an abandoned metropolis...”
“One of my favourite races. And a favourite of all racing fans...”
I’ve blocked your line, you have nowhere to go,
When the door is closed, you must knock... hard!
“Incredible! Jager has just rammed into Hoth...”
“Hoth has lost control of the vehicle...”
“Jager, instead, holds on and takes the lead...”
“And it's another win for Jager, despite a very borderline manoeuvre...”
What the... Are you crazy?
Calm down. The race is over now.
You could have killed us!
But I didn’t... You're just slower, Lucas, face it!
I... You’re a...
Stop, Lucas, before you do something you might regret...
Your career choice is what you should be regretting... Ben was right all along, I’m the better driver...
It's not fair. And he even has the nerve to brag.
But so far, results have been on his side...
I’m the best driver!
How many races have you won?
Damn it...
It's time for you to choose. Do you want to remain a talent or become a champion?
Do I really have to answer?
Then listen to me carefully, I have an idea for the next race...
Today we write history, Doc...
I wish I had your same confidence...
“The drivers are lined up on the starting grid, ready to go...”
“The Giant Forest Grand Prix has always been full of surprises. What does it have in store this time?”
“Hoth is electric: he keeps pressuring Jager without actually trying to pass.”
Now! It's the moment of truth...
“Jager is stopping in the pits. Hoth has a chance.”
“And he wants to make the most of it.”
“Hoth has never been so fast during the second half of a Grand Prix...”
“With one less pit stop than his opponent, he seems bent on pushing ‘til the finish line... Will his tyres hold up?”
You were right, it's all about the end...
“And in the end, this time I win!”
“Hoth has done it. It's the first triumph for team Red! What a fabulous strategy!”

To be continued...

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