“The rules of the game have changed...”
“...After the Transformation.”
“But this desolate world hasn't hardened our hearts.”
“This team was born from our passion.”
Never forget it.
That's the foundation on which we'll build a great season.
Even if we don't have the best car, we'll give everything we've got. Down to the last turn.
Lucas! we believe in you.
I'm here to win!
It's gonna be a difficult year...
The Stargazer team has been dominating Formula new. Jim Jager, their driver, is a really tough customer. A tactician. Always thinking about the next turn...
...And with a great car under him.
“But ours isn't shabby either...”
It's time, just a few minutes to the start...
... try to use your head out there.
Don't worry Dean, I'll push hard the first few laps and the race will be ours.
Stay focused, kid. This circuit isn't all about speed.
But i'm the fastest. And the others will eat my dust.
The roar of the engines is back to brighten our days! A new season of Formula New begins today. And it may be the most exciting one ever.
Will the Stargazer still be the favourite? Or can someone stop its long string of victories?
One man to watch is Lucas Hoth. Despite his reputation as an impulsive driver, he was excellent in qualifying and will start second, right behind the favourite Jim Jager.
“And... Thery're off!
What do you think, Doc?
The kid is fast... but it's a long race...
“Hoth is closing in on Jager and it seems like he may try to overtake.”
“He did it! Jager is in second place now!”
You're slow,
The same old hot head...
You won't pass me!
“It doesn't look like Hoth can hold off Jager's attack”
How is he always so fast?
“Jager is back in the lead after a fabulous move! And he heads to the finish line.”
It was a good race, Lucas, no matter what...
It matters... He won.
He only won the first race. Now you know what Jager can do.
We've got a strategy to beat him, but you need to trust the team and stop racing like a lone wolf.

To be continued...

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